Registered Agent Services

Every business needs a registered agent to accept service of important legal, financial, and governmental documents on behalf of the business. A registered agent is typically required to be a natural person, unless you use a company that is lawfully able to act as a registered agent on behalf of your business. While a business can select a member of the business to act as a registered agent, it is often preferable to appoint someone who is comfortable and accustomed to handling important legal documents. A registered agent’s failure to provide documents to the corporation’s owners and/or legal representative can have dire consequences on the business. At TRESTLE LAW, we take the guesswork out of identifying and processing the legal documentation your business receives. For a low annual fee, your attorney will act as a registered agent on behalf of your business. We go a step further than other registered agent companies, and also provide you with information regarding the documents and identify action items for you. Contact Kristen at TRESTLE LAW today to learn more information about our registered agent services