Pre-Lawsuit Resolution

Hiring an attorney does not always mean you’re going to court and expending truckloads of money. You know when you’re involved in a situation that is becoming contentious. Whether it’s between you and your neighbor, a member of your family, or a contractual arrangement gone south, TRESTLE LAW can help you develop a plan of action to resolve conflict before it escalates to a lawsuit being filed in superior or district court. We can help you evaluate your particular circumstances, and navigate you toward a resolution that does not involve filing a lawsuit. Many situations are well-suited for this type of pre-lawsuit negotiation, and can often help save you thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees. At TRESTLE LAW, our goal is supporting you in the way you need.

Let Kristen at TRESTLE LAW help you resolve your problems before they escalate. Contact Kristen at TRESTLE LAW today.