Critical Employment Documents

Employment Agreements

Having an agreement that dictates the relationship between employer and employee can be the difference between a clear understanding and issues down the road.  A well-crafted employment agreement defines the employment relationship, and also helps set the employee’s and employer’s expectations.  At TRESTLE LAW, we can help you develop, draft, and implement employment agreements for all your various classes of employees. Whether you’ve got 5 or 500 employees, we’ve got you covered!

Employee Handbooks

No matter the size of your business, an employee handbook is crucial to prevent employee/employer misunderstandings. Having internal policies, holiday schedules, benefits, and other guidelines clearly set forth will make for a much smoother employment relationship. Each state has its own set of legal requirements. Let TRESTLE LAW help you with your California employee handbooks. We’ll get you squared away!

Independent Contractor Agreements

As a business owner, you probably already know there’s a difference between an independent contractor and employee. But, did you know that many employers misclassify their workers? This can prove disastrous for business owners in the form of lawsuits and government imposed penalties. Let your attorney at TRESTLE LAW help take the guesswork out of whether you are properly classifying your workers, and help you with effective independent contractor agreements.

Non-compete and Non-Disclosure Agreements

You undoubtedly have business information that you don’t want to leave your business. At TRESTLE LAW, we can help you evaluate, draft, and implement effective non-compete and non-disclosure agreements. Let TRESTLE LAW help you protect your valuable trade secret information!