Trade Secret

Trade Secret Non-disclosure Agreements

Your trade secret information is information that you do not want employees, clients,  or independent contractors disclosing to the public. Keep your trade secret information secret by crafting legally enforceable trade secret non-disclosure agreements. At TRESTLE LAW, we can draft custom trade secret non-disclosure agreements to ensure you are protected.

Vendor Agreements

If you plan on buying or selling anything through a business that is not you, chances are you are working with a vendor. But, do you have a well-crafted vendor agreement? Most businesses with good vendor agreements will have an experienced attorney help negotiate the terms and draft the document that lays out those terms. Let your attorney at TRESTLE LAW help you today!

Licensing Agreements

Whether a partnership, limited partnership, corporation, or LLC, TRESTLE LAW can help you realize your business dreams by creating the corporate structure and developing the various internal agreements on behalf of the business members.