Internet Law

Domain Name Disputes

At TRESTLE LAW, we know that a domain name is not just a web address. It is how your customers find you. We can help you protect you against people who try and take what isn’t theirs. From Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy proceedings to domain name transfer agreements, we can help you prevent cybersquatting and domain name infringement

Domain Name Purchase and Transfer Agreements

You may have decided on a particular domain name you want for your business. You may also have learned that this domain name is already taken. Fear not! There are ways to purchase domain names from current owners, so you can have the domain name of your dreams. Additionally, when discovering a domain name infringer, you can also enter into an agreement to transfer the domain name to you. TRESTLE LAW can help you with all your domain name purchase and trasnfer agreements!

Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) Actions

Discovering someone is using a domain name in a way that purposefully tries to bite your style is incredibly frustrating. But, did you know that you can file an action called a Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy proceeding?  Because it is outside of the court system, it can be far less expensive than traditional litigation, and provides you a forum to pursue infringers who may not be in the United States. Let TRESTLE LAW help you file your proceeding today!

Terms of Service

In today’s age of ever changing technology and widespread internet use, more businesses are operating online. If you are a service provider, online retailer, e-commerce website, or social media company, terms of service are incredibly important. Many people simply use a terms of service generator and use canned terms of service for their website. This can be problematic, and should be avoided. Let TRESTLE LAW’s experienced attorneys help you draft terms of service unique to your business’ needs.

End User Agreements

End user licensing agreements, or EULA govern the use of proprietary software between the seller and the purchaser. They define how the software will be used and what happens when the agreement is violated. The language contained in these end user agreements is incredibly important, especially if you intend on mass-licensing your computer software. Let TRESTLE LAW help you get your EULAs in order today!

Licensing Agreements

Licensing can come in a number of forms. From licensing your name to your software, a licensing agreement will ensure you will be able to exploit your business’ proprietary intellectual property. Let TRESTLE LAW help you with your licensing agreements.

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