Did you know that any time you create something in a tangible form, you are automatically afforded a copyright? However, the protections you are afforded are not as great as those provided to registered copyrights. Let TRESTLE LAW help you register your copyright and protect your creations!

Digital Millenium Copyright Act Takedown Notice

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a piece of legislation that falls under the purview of copyright law in the United States. A DMCA takedown notice provides copyright owners the right to have infringing material taken down from the internet. Let TRESTLE LAW help you appropriately send your DMCA takedown notice.

Fair Use Evaluations

Not all uses of copyrighted material without the owners permission constitutes illegal infringement. There are certain defenses to a claim of infringement. One of those defenses is fair use. The fair use doctrine allows someone to use another’s copyrighted material without being liable for infringement. Let TRESTLE LAW help you determine whether your use may fall under fair use.

Licensing Agreements

Now that you’ve created and protected your copyrightable material, you may want to consider entering into various licensing agreements to help you earn income from your labor. At TRESTLE LAW, we can help craft licensing agreements that will provide you income and protect your material.