Contract Review and Negotiation

Individuals and business owners frequently enter into contractual relationships.   While there may be circumstances where a contract needs no review or negotiation, more often than not an attorney’s review can be the difference between a successful exchange and a costly situation.  At TRESTLE LAW, your attorney can provide you with a comprehensive contract review prior to providing your signature. We strive to give you the support you need to give you the comfort and peace of mind that comes with a well-reviewed and revised contract. Not only will we negotiate directly with the contracting party on your behalf, we also provide you the option of one on one strategy and coaching sessions to help you negotiate your deal for yourself.  At TRESTLE LAW, we know that sometimes it’s better having the attorney in the background, and we’re OK with that! Our ultimate goal is to let you shine and help you build the bridge to your success. Let Kristen at TRESTLE LAW help you review and negotiate your contracts. Contact Kristen at TRESTLE LAW today.