Arbitration and Mediation

In the event a lawsuit is imminent or has already been filed, there are alternative resolution methods aside from taking the matter all the way to trial. A cost effective and less lengthy option is some form of alternative dispute resolution process. The arbitration and mediation processes are favorable methods to resolve disputes. An arbitration is traditionally before a retired judge and permits the retired judge to decide the case based on the facts presented. The parties may elect to treat the arbitration as binding or non-binding in advance of the arbitration. An attractive option to many, arbitration is often less costly than trial, yet still allows the parties to feel as though they have had their “day in court.” Mediation is not binding, and is less of a “trial” as the arbitration process. Rather, mediation brings the parties together in the spirit of cooperation with the ultimate goal of settling the case. A neutral third party, such as a retired judge or experienced attorney-turned-mediator, will act as referee with the intention of getting the parties to settle. This is a much less costly option than arbitration and is an effective method for settling cases.  At TRESTLE LAW, Kristen has the experience to guide you through the arbitration and mediation processes to help you resolve your legal issue.

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