Chew on This: Coalition Pushing for Healthier, Low-Cost Food Options

I, for one, am very excited about this prospect. 

SACRAMENTO — A coalition of organic farmers, nutritionists and environmental justice activists is jumping into the rough-and-tumble politics at California’s Capitol.

The California Food Policy Council, a network of 19 groups around the state, wants to persuade legislators to pass laws that would support sustainable agriculture and safeguard soil and water quality for large and small farmers. The idea, organizers say, is to make healthful, affordable food options available for low-income urban dwellers, schoolchildren and others.

“It’s a confluence of many different elements of what you could call the food movement,” said Michael R. Dimock, the president of an Oakland group, Roots of Change, that provides staffing and funding for the new organization.

Combating climate change is high on the agenda, he said. “If the climate goes crazy, it’s going to impact food production.”

The council, in a report, already is touting some successes, including the passage last year of bills that expanded access to fresh produce for food-stamp recipients, gave property owners a tax break for urban farms and gardens and cleared the way for driver’s licenses for immigrant farmworkers.

The coalition is also reaching out to the powerful agricultural industry, he said. “It’s not our goal to make Big Ag the enemy.”

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