Intellectual Property and Cyber Law

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At TRESTLE LAW, we can help you with all your brand development needs. From consultation, to evaluation, registration, and maintenance, we can help you protect your valuable intellectual property.

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At TRESTLE LAW, we provide businesses the support they need to navigate through the ever changing laws relating to the internet. From domain name issues, to DMCA takedown notices, we provide your business everything it needs to operate on the internet.

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At TRESTLE LAW, we know your projects are not just your passion. They are also your career. We can help prevent against copyright infringement, and walk you through the copyright process. We help entrepreneurs in technology, art, music, media, and entertainment ensure their rights are protected.

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In today’s ever-changing fields of technology and accessibility to data, businesses are becoming more diligent in taking steps to protect their confidential information. At TRESTLE LAW, we help you identify your business’ trade secret information and develop custom documents to keep that information protected.