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[av_contact email=’’ title=’Send us mail’ button=’Submit’ on_send=” sent=’Your message has been sent!’ link=’manually,http://’ subject=” autorespond=’Thank you for your interest in Trestle Law, APC. By submitting the inquiry form on our website, you acknowledge that no attorney-client relationship exists until:

1. We have had direct person-to-person communication in person or by telephone;
2. We have cleared possible conflicts of interest;
3. We have agreed to the terms of our engagement; and
4. We have confirmed all of this in writing with a fee agreement; and
5. The fee agreement and retainer (if applicable) have been fully executed and paid.

Please do not send Trestle Law any information contained in an e-mail or attachment that you believe is confidential until we decide to formalize representation.

By contacting us through this form you acknowledge and agree that submitting unsolicited e-mail information to us does not constitute a request for legal advice and that you are not forming an attorney-client relationship with Trestle Law, APC by submitting such information.

You recognize that review of your information, even if it is confidential and transmitted in a good faith effort to retain Trestle Law, APC, does not preclude us from representing another client directly adverse to you, even in a matter where that information could and would be used against you

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(619) 289-8939
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2534 State Street, Suite 311

San Diego, CA 92101

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