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Thanks to a New Supreme Court Ruling, California Employers May Want to Think Twice Before Hiring Independent Contractors

Companies are always looking for ways to lower their bottom lines, particularly when it comes to their staffing. Similarly, more and more workers are looking for flexibility to pursue personal business ventures and alternative work avenues outside of the traditional nine-to-five. Freelancing, or working as an independent contractor, is an attractive option for both California […]

What is a DBA?

A lot of new clients frequently ask me, “What is a DBA?” which is almost always followed up with, “Do I need one?” So what is a DBA? A DBA (“Doing Business As”) is also known as a Fictitious Business Name statement, and it is a name that you select to “do business as,” that is anything other than your […]

Navigating the Trademark Process

Navigating the trademark process can be difficult and hard to understand. Whether or not filing a trademark application for federal registration is right for you and your business is an entirely different subject that I will save for an entirely different post.  If you are like me, and don’t have a lot of time to read […]

Trestle bLAWg – Welcome!

Welcome to Trestle bLAWg! Here, you will find articles, resources, and tips concerning all things legal.  Our Trestle bLAWggers will provide you with resources to keep you up to speed on what’s going on in the areas of trademark, intellectual property, business, and employment law. Contact TRESTLE LAW today, and let us help you build the bridge […]

To IC or not to IC. That is the Question.

I’ve seen a lot of articles about Kevin Ogar’s horrific injury floating around the web. For those of you that don’t know, an elite CrossFit athlete, Kevin Ogar, was competing at the OC Throwdown last week. He was attempting a heavy snatch, couldn’t complete the movement, bailed, and dropped the bar. Bailing on a lift […]